3 facts that
will change your
Contact Centre
in 2017

As we move forward into 2017 there will be a revolution of how businesses provide customer service. What is this revolution and how will it impact the Contact Centre industry?

1. We are entering the messaging
app era

In the 80’s it was the computer, in the 90’s the internet. In 2000 came the mobile phone era, in 2010 it was apps and then the rise of social media, and we are now entering the messaging app era. Current research shows that most apps are used only once or twice after being downloaded, the exception to this is messaging apps such as Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and Snapchat. Global research further supports this showing 80% of time is spent on three apps being Facebook, WhatsApp and Google.

2. Australians have adopted messaging in the millions

Messaging apps have surpassed the top social media apps as of Q4 2015. They are fast becoming our second home screen and the statistics are staggering. 900 million Facebook messenger users worldwide. 700 million people using Wechat in China. In Australia 32 billion messages in a year and 10.5 million users of which 3.4 million use messaging as their primary form of contact. It’s clear that Messaging apps are here.

3. Facebook Messenger wants us build higher
customer service applications

Chat bots are here

Facebook launched chat bots in April this year, and there are currently over 18,000 bots on the platform. Updates are frequently released leading to increased capabilities of these bots. Combined with research that shows Australian’s are lagging behind the rest of the world in messaging apps, an opportunity for innovative marketing and customer service is now presented before us.

What does this mean?

In the Contact Centre industry we can leverage messaging apps and take full advantage of chat bots which introduce an effective level of simple virtual assistance. Rogers Toronto tested using Facebook messenger as a service channel in October 2015 with great results, in just over eight weeks call volumes dropped by 13% and internal customer satisfaction scores improved by 65%. With continued development and increased capabilities of bots on the messenger platform, it’s only a matter of time before chat bots will resolve most customer queries further adding to the effectiveness of the channel.

Why Chatbots?

Chat bots increase the customer experience and raise the emotional connection with your brand, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Consumers are already comfortable on this platform and welcome the consistent personal service experience. Lower cost to serve and increased customer satisfaction, the opportunity is enormous!

What can On Message do for you?

On Message works with business seeking an innovative edge in the ongoing challenge of reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction.

If you’d like to see more research, gain insights into the economics of messaging and bot integration then get in touch with us below. We’ll come in for a discovery session and show how we can add value to your business.