Tedx Talk: The Deceit Algorithm
Douglas Nicol - Founder of On Message
Marketers on Notification.
The accelerating consumer time deficit and how too many marketers are tone deaf to change
October 12, 2017



We are lied to hundreds of times in an average day, but only detect half of the deceit dished out to us. Social media has increased the number of opportunities for us to mislead and be misled; so when we compare our lives to the portrayed perfection on social media, are we benchmarking ourselves against a lie?


On Message.

On Message is Australia’s leading specialist chat bot strategy and developer. Over the last 12 months On Message have developed chat bots for brands like ING Direct, Children’s Panadol, Facebook, Fujitsu and Foxtel.


The team have developed its own proprietary chat bot ‘Conversation Platform’ to allow the best possible conversation engagement between brands and consumers. For the last year two years On Message have also published the most in depth study of messaging app use in Australia, which is used to inform better thinking for our clients. On Message were also finalist in the Best Emerging Agency in the 2016 B&T Awards.



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