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OnMsg’s EventBot provides a unique and customisable way to interact with your attendees. Seamlessly providing event information through the most commonly used messaging platform in Australia, Facebook Messenger.

Berta Bot

Meet Berta
Berta collects survey data from respondents via a simple, conversational user interface within Facebook Messenger. This allows respondents to answer questions and provide insights in a way they’re already comfortable using.

Conversation Marketing

Let’s talk about messaging apps
Immerse yourself and your team in the world of messaging by attending the On Message 1-2 hour workshop. Learn about the history, growth and future of messaging apps, and gain insights into the latest marketing opportunities your brand can leverage right away.  Our digital natives will guide you through a hands-on experience exploring, comparing and contrasting the top messaging apps.

Redemption Bot

Instant gratification
Instant win promotions work. But redemption has been limited to a handful of traditional channels. Now with Redemption Bot on Facebook Messenger, the redemption process becomes almost as exciting as the prize itself, as well as being a cost-effective way to manage entries, redemptions, and all steps in-between.

Service Assistant

Service with a : )
This clever, intuitive chatbot harnesses the potential of Messaging apps to give your customer service an innovative edge over your competition.  Service Assistant does all kinds of things including resolving simple queries and deflecting contacts, all with a personal touch, with each touch further building the customer’s experience with your brand.

Brand Customisation

Bringing your brand to life
Great content is essential to customer engagement with a brand. With the prevalence of Messaging platforms, it’s never been more important for brands to increase the impact of their content to better engage with their customer base. Sticker packs and custom keyboards are a fantastic way for brands to increase the fun in consumer interactions.