Brand Customisation

Bringing your brand to life.
Great content is essential to customer engagement with a brand. With the prevalence of Messaging platforms, it’s never been more important for brands to increase the impact of their content to better engage with their customer base. Sticker packs and custom keyboards are a fantastic way for brands to increase the fun in consumer interactions.
Why Sticker Packs and Emojis?
These have been shown to be highly effective at bringing brand personalities to life. They provide a fun way for brands and customers to engage in a humanistic, non-intrusive way, and are an extremely shareable marketing tool. They are also a good ‘beginner’ tool for brands wanting to get into Messaging channels for the first time.
Why Facebook Messenger / iOS 10?
Facebook itself has millions of users in Australia and iOS is one of the most utilised operating systems for handheld devices. By producing content for both these platforms, brands increase their reach to their target demographics.
How does it all work?
At On Message, we understand that clients arrive with different levels of knowledge about Messaging platforms. While some are heavy users, others might not know their Messenger from their WhatsApp. What is common to them all, despite their starting points, is their desire to learn more.
Launch and promote
Once your sticker pack or keyboard is live, you can easily promote a link to them to drive traffic. This can be done via Facebook posts, display ads or direct channels. The link will automatically direct users to the relevant platform store for download.
Monitor and track
100% reporting on downloads and use is available.
Cross compatible
Because the stickers are downloaded from app stores, they work on mobiles and tablets seamlessly.
Ready to get started?
To get more information about how this kind of brand customisation can benefit your business, call on 0468 377 711 or get in touch with us on our contact page.
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