Conversation Marketing Workshop

Let’s talk about messaging apps
Immerse yourself and your team in the world of messaging by attending the On Message 1-2 hour workshop. Learn about the history, growth and future of messaging apps, and gain insights into the latest marketing opportunities your brand can leverage right away.  Our digital natives will guide you through a hands-on experience exploring, comparing and contrasting the top messaging apps.
What is the workshop?
The Conversation Marketing Workshop is a 1-2 hour practical learning session led by expert digital natives presenting exclusive insights and research about the Messaging world.  From history and development through to hands-on experiences, you will be left inspired by the current and future opportunities Messaging is offering your brand.
Why the Messaging world?
Messaging platform usage has overtaken traditional social media with over 10.5 million active users across Australia.  Messaging is one of the world’s fastest growing tech industries.  At On Message, we believe Messaging applications are the future for brands who want to connect and converse with their audiences in the most efficient and consistent ways possible.
What you will learn?
The workshop will take you through the reasons behind the rapid growth rate of Messaging platforms, who’s using apps, and how they’re being used. You will also become familiar with how to use the most popular Messaging platforms, and learn the capabilities of different Messaging platforms for brands. The workshop concludes with a brainstorming and ideation session specifically for your brand/s.
How does it all work?
Our Conversation Marketing Workshops are bespoke sessions that cater for all audiences.  At On Message, we understand that people have different levels of knowledge about Messaging platforms. Some people are heavy users, others might not know their Messenger from their WhatsApp. So each workshop is tailored to your level of knowledge, for a personalised experience you will get maximum value from. When you enquire about the workshop, we will establish your Messaging platform proficiency so we can tailor the workshop to your needs.
Why Digital Natives
Using Messaging apps is second nature to digital natives. They’ve grown up immersed in an always-on Messaging culture. Our expert digital native marketers are therefore uniquely positioned to provide insight from both a marketer’s perspective as well as a consumer’s point-of-view.
Why Conversation Marketing?
Conversation Marketing is an exciting opportunity for brands to connect to consumers in a cost-efficient yet highly personal way. Messaging apps are enablers for better communication, information relevancy, segmented entertainment, faster problem solving, streamlined admin and effective transacting.
Get ahead of the curve
The growth in Messaging apps continues to grow, yet we’re still only in the early stages. Get ahead of the curve and seize the opportunity to take a first mover advantage by acting now.
It’s easy to get started
To get more information about our Conversation Marketing Workshops and how they can benefit your business, call 0468 377 711 or get in touch with us on our contact page.
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