Berta Bot

Meet Berta
Berta collects survey data from respondents via a simple, conversational user interface within Facebook Messenger. This allows respondents to answer questions and provide insights in a way they’re already comfortable using.
What is Berta?
Berta is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that allows clients to carry out surveys within the Facebook Messenger environment.
Why Facebook Messenger?
Facebook Messenger currently has over 10.4 million users in Australia. Having a conversation and responding to questions feels natural and easy in this space. Users can start a conversation with one click and complete the survey in a matter of minutes without ever leaving Facebook.
Why Chatbots?
Chatbots provide a natural way for your brand to interact with customers. Adding some personality to your survey will make the user feel more comfortable and make the experience feel more like a conversation than a task.
How does it all work?
As a self-guided task, it’s very simple. Start by jumping onto the core Berta platform, which is the brains around the survey mechanic.  When you set yourself up as a new client, a new Berta bot will automatically be created for your Facebook page (or for a new FB page if required). You’ll then need to name your survey and create a bespoke icon that looks on-brand and resonates with your intended audience.  You then add survey questions to your Berta platform, and once approved, we push the bot live onto Facebook Messenger.
Launch and promote
Once live, you promote links to your bot using Facebook posts, display ads and even offline media. The user clicks on a link, instantly opening their Facebook Messenger and starting a conversation.
Monitor and track
You can view all conversations in real time. This is accessible via your company’s Facebook Messenger account; it will also feed into any existing social management platforms you already have in place.
Cross compatible
Because Berta lives on Facebook Messenger, it works on all compatible devices including mobiles, tablets and desktops.
Ready to get started?
To get more information about how a Berta chatbot can benefit your business, call on 0468 377 711 or get in touch with us on our contact page.
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