Redemption Bot

Instant gratification
Instant win promotions work. But redemption has been limited to a handful of traditional channels. Now with Redemption Bot on Facebook Messenger, the redemption process becomes almost as exciting as the prize itself, as well as being a cost-effective way to manage entries, redemptions, and all steps in-between.
Why Redemption Bot?
Redemption Bot allows you to give customers real-time validation on the one device they refuse to be without – their mobiles. Importantly, it also provides your brand the opportunity to keep the relationship open by creating a channel for ongoing communication.
Why Facebook Messenger?
Facebook itself has millions of users in Australia, and the Messenger platform allows brands to interact with consumers on a one-to-one basis. Consumers are four times more likely to keep a chatbot open compared to a separate app, and five times more likely to invite notifications.
Why Chatbots?
Chatbots are a direct marketer’s dream and a truly authentic one-on-one customer experience designed to increase customer loyalty. They give your brand the capability to deliver an autonomous service experience that meets your campaign requirements.
How does it all work?
It’s not complicated. The mechanics of 99% of your promotional campaigns remain the same. Redemption Bot simply delivers it to your customers in a more engaging and effective way. The first step is to speak to our team and provide some background on your promotion.  Our team can provide guidance every step of the way to ensure you’re maximising your marketing efforts.
Launch and promote
Once your promotional chatbot is live, you can easily promote a link to it that drives traffic. This can be done via Facebook posts, display ads and even offline media. The link will automatically direct users to the Redemption Bot to start a conversation.
Monitor and track
Conversations can be viewed in real time. This is accessible via your brand’s Facebook account and will feed into any additional social media monitoring you have in place.
Cross compatible
Because it lives on Facebook, your promotion will work seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop in all browsers and devices.
Ready to get started?
To get more information about our Instant Gratification and how they can benefit your business, call 0468 377 711 or get in touch with us on our contact page.
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