Service Assistant

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This clever, intuitive chatbot harnesses the potential of Messaging apps to give your customer service an innovative edge over your competition.  Service Assistant does all kinds of things including resolving simple queries and deflecting contacts, all with a personal touch, with each touch further building the customer’s experience with your brand.
What is Service Assistant?
Service Assistant is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that converses like a human. Service Assistant reduces costs by resolving simple queries, deflecting contacts, increasing efficiency, empowering customers, offering exceptional scalability and providing a consistently high level of service that increases the emotional connection with your brand.
Why Facebook Messenger?
We believe Messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger are the next revolution of customer service support. With over 10.4 million active users in Australia currently, it’s the easy and convenient way for customers to engage with companies when they want assistance. Users are comfortable on the platform and conversations happen in a natural, intuitive way.
Why Chatbots?
Chatbots provide a personalised way for your brand to interact with its customers, and can be programmed to converse using your brand’s tone of voice. And with the capabilities of chatbot platforms evolving constantly, businesses can take full advantage to deliver outstanding customer experiences.
How does it all work?
We create a unique Service Assistant chatbot to address your key customer service pain points. We then test and fine-tune to your unique needs. Next, we run a pilot for observation and data analysis.  After all adjustments have been made based on the insights from the pilot, we then go live.
Launch and promote
You can view all conversations in real-time, and 100% reporting is available.
Monitor and track
You can view all conversations in real time. This is accessible via your company’s Facebook Messenger account; it will also feed into any existing social management platforms you already have in place.
Cross compatible
Because Service Assistant lives on Facebook Messenger, it works on all devices including mobiles, tablets and desktops.
It’s easy to get started
To get more information about our Service Assistant and how they can benefit your business, call 0468 377 711 or get in touch with us on our contact page.
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